NIC Training Opportunity

To Grow and Reach New Disciples of Jesus Christ: Intentional Discipleship Systems

Making and growing disciples is one of the highest priorities of the Northern Illinois Conference and a pillar of our strategic goals.  Don’t miss this conference-wide training to  help leaders become more intentional about making disciples in their ministry setting.  Each training covers:

  •      Clarifying the what, how, and why of making disciples
  •      Creating an intentional discipleship system that works for your church.
  •      Equipping your disciples with the right heart and motivation

Speaker is Rev. Jeff Campbell who is Assoc. Gen’l Secretary of Strategic Programming for Discipleship Ministries. Register at  Registration is free.  Gather a group from HUMC & come to Schaumburg: Our Saviour’s, 701 E. Schaumburg Rd. for the Elgin District, Thursday, September 12, 2019 from 9 am to Noon.

Roy & Kathy are going & they’d be glad to have others go along!

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