HUMC Bowling Fundraiser – March 2nd

Our Hebron UMC Bowling Classic has now hit the history books but I hope your memories still linger. It was a fabulous night for the church and all who participated. Between the Bowlers “dancing” to the line, or the bidding competition of the Silent Auctions, or the popping of the balloons, I hope everyone
had a memorable time.

There was a bunch of bowling Champions at our Bowling Classic, but I believe ALL were champions with
the spirit of fun, fellowship and the embracement of our goal.
To quote Sir Walter Scott: “God will raise me up a champion”. I believe we proved that we are all champions together with God.

A special thank you to those who donated to our Buffet, Silent Auction or Balloon Pop. Applause to all our keglers (bowlers), gallery and buyers. You have proved yourselves once again as true victors.

Check out the photos of the Hebron UMC Bowling Classic in our newsletter and website. You’ll want to join us for our next outing!! Look for upcoming events with announcements coming soon…

Erin Engelhardt and Wendy Schaid


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