Family Fall Fest – October 13

Our Family Fall Fest was a great success! On October 13th members of the HUMC gathered at the Hebron Park bundled up for a cool day to host a fall picnic with music, food, games, raffles, and yes, even goats. This all-church effort raised $1200 for our building fund. Thank you to the many individuals who worked so hard to make this a one-of-a-kind event. A very special thanks goes out to James for coming up with the idea and gathering the musicians, to Shirlee for coordinating all the many moving pieces, and to Bill for the delicious pulled pork sandwiches! Everyone rallied to donate their time, talent, supplies, food, and prizes so very generously that it was a wonderful reminder of how blessed we are to be part of HUMC. It was a great pleasure to see everyone enjoying themselves there, not just from our church, but from other churches and members of the community. We are already coming up with ideas to do this again, with even greater success, next year!






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