Christmas Open House – December 15

Over 60 people attended our Christmas Open House on December 15. Upon arriving, everyone received “A Hebron Christmas Portrait in Sound and Memory”, a 20-track CD of Christmas songs and stories from friends and family of the Hebron United Methodist Church. Our guests enjoyed homemade chili, biscuits, wassail and fresh baked cookies while surrounded by a display of 18 unique nativity sets, each with its own description and story. Children were busily working at the craft table in the back making beautiful glitter and foam ornaments. The front of the church was set for the Christmas pageant, “A Long Time Ago in a Manger Far Far Away”. This Star Wars inspired retelling of Jesus’ birth was presented several times throughout the Open House. This fun, action-packed play was well-received by our guests and even more so by the kids, who were eager to get re-cast and re-costumed for the next presentation.

There are so many generous and talented people to thank for bringing this event together! First, I’d like to thank Dave for coming up with this idea and running with it, and for his tireless effort in coordinating, recording and producing the beautiful CD. Thank you Shirlee for planning and providing the entire meal and the delicious wassail and for coordinating and setting up our nativity exhibit. Thank you to Wendy for planning, providing and leading the craft area and for providing the lovely centerpieces for the tables. Thank you to Chela for creating the wonderful costumes for our pageant. Thank you Kate for the masterful work on the set – most especially the AT-AT! Thank you to Bill for writing and submitting the article for this event for the paper and to Kathy for getting the word out online. Thank you to Pastor Jim, who pushed through his eye surgeries and didn’t miss a Witness meeting to support this effort, and who encouraged the crazy idea of a Star Wars Christmas story.

Thank you to everyone who sang and shared stories on the CD, to everyone who baked cookies, to everyone who took time out of their week to deliver and display their nativity sets, to all the kids who performed so well that day, to Karen, Jodi, Jeanne, Natalie, Bob, Debbie, Jeff, Margie, and others who worked behind the scenes to make this event warm and welcoming. This event really captured the heart for hospitality we strive for at our church, not just at Christmas, but every Sunday and at every event we host. Finally, thank you to everyone who attended! Your presence made our Christmas season even brighter and we hope you join us again in the New Year!

-Stephanie Claussen & Dave Dickey, Witness Team

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