Short Notes

 I came to our church not quite forty years ago a broken person.  An acquaintance told me to heal I needed to find a church, any church and go.  Even though I lived much closer at the time to several other churches, I truly feel that the Spirit led me across the border to Hebron.  In my brokenness, I was warmly greeted by Pastor Kay who even though was leaving the church to a new appointment, told me to stay.  She said there were fine, caring, loving people in that church who could help me heal.  So I did.

Despite being between jobs and without much to support myself I tithed what I could and under Pastor Jeff’s guidance found grace by serving God by serving His people by joining the choir, serving on committees, leading the Youth Programming and became a part of the love within our walls.  I witnessed joy and  hope, I grieved when tragedy struck, I celebrated while I healed and learned what it is to love and be loved during the highs and lows of life.

As a part of God’s people in Hebron, once again I face some joyful yet difficult times within our hallowed walls.  I am gratified by the growth we have with children, both young & previously young within our walls.  I am overjoyed by the early selfless giving to our Building Fund to restore our structure to its former glory.   It will be AWESOME to once again be in worship and fellowship in Christ in the sanctuary.  It will be a joy to enjoy the fullness of function our entire structure can provide.  Yet, what concerns me is the lack of funding to provide programming once our building is restored.  Tithing to the General Fund is down and I am bothered that we may not be able to keep the doors open for our Sunday School kids, our pot luck lunches, and other ministries to help others who are broken like I once was.  I know the great people Pastor Kay told me about & those who Pastors Jeff & Scott helped me become a part of, are still out there.  Pastor Jim tells me that everyone who has a piece of our past in their hearts and believes in our future in their soul will come through.  I sure hope so, for the sake of all the children like Chaylee and Jackson who hope to one day grow up, be confirmed in their church and be better servants and leaders for God’s Kingdom.

See you Sunday.  Your brother in Christ,

Roy Bailey

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