As I See It

As I See It

I recently made it very well known that I am the Lay Leader of all of the people of our church.  That is not only the Lay Leader locally here in Hebron but I do my best to represent all of our constituents world-wide.  I do my best to listen and learn and support all sides of every issue.  That is probably why I follow the tenets of Stephen Ministry.  It is where we listen and observe and then allow individuals to make the best decision possible personally and spiritually.

I have observed where the world-wide church is very split upon the recent discussion regarding the LGBTQ+ directives within the denomination.  I see and understand where both parties are coming from.  It is a very divisive issue and I applaud our church for trying to observe and follow our Vision while maintaining diplomacy and fairness to all our members and constituents.  I hope we continue to do so and not only to Talk the Talk but continue to make some decisions regarding this and other issues and Walk the Walk in harmony and faith.

While these are difficult tasks, I believe we can do it for the betterment of all peoples.  However, for me personally, it has been a very draining and exhausting time.  I have come off of three months of double shifts at work and will be training in earnest a new Assistant.  My parents have just come off of serious illnesses and a couple of out-patient surgical procedures.  I feel it is time for a personal rest period.  For this reason, I am stepping back from writing this article for a period of time to recharge.  I will continue to pray  for everyone and listen.  Listen for growth.  Listen for harmony.  Listen for unity.  Most of all I pray and listen for God to continue to speak to all of us so we may maintain our open minds and open hearts.  May God be with you all during this period.

I will always be your brother in faith,

Roy Bailey, Your Lay Servant and Leader

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