The actions of the Special General Conference have created a number of reactions among local churches throughout our denomination.  Many churches have chosen to respond by withholding all or a portion of their apportionments.  At a recent debriefing on the Special General Conference, Bishop Dyke indicated that she understood such actions.  In our congregation, some of you have told me that you also are withholding contributions in protest of the General Conference action.  I understand your decision.  However, I also understand very clearly that our current financial situation is quite fragile. At our recent Council meeting we were made aware of just how fragile it is.  After reviewing of our current financial situation, the Church Council passed a motion that called for us to suspend payment of our apportionments until further notice. Quite frankly, I never thought that I would support such an action.  But we are in a desperate situation, which is not of our making.  All gifts given to HUMC will be designated for local use only. If you wish to make a gift to a General Church ministry please note that on your envelop and your wish will be honored.  Please keep our UMC and our HUMC in your prayers.
-Pastor Jim
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