Sunday School

The HUMC Kids presented a song on Easter Sunday called “The Week that Changed the World.” It summarized our learning this past month of the days leading up to Jesus’ death and resurrection: Palm Sunday, the Last Supper, Praying in the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus’ arrest, and Peter’s denial. On Easter, the Sunday School class used percussion instruments and spoken word to learn about the Crucifixion. We then read about Jesus’ resurrection in our Children’s Bible and created beautiful watercolor paintings that read “He is Risen.” Afterwards, the students were put to the test with Easter quiz questions and earned a prize for guessing the correct answer. It was a fun and joyful celebration!

We are now looking forward to our final unit where we will learn about great friendships in the Bible, and how by being a good friend, we are serving God. Our last day of Sunday School is Sunday, May 26th which will also be our final wrap up for our mission and fundraising for RefugeeOne.

Thank you to the students for a wonderful year of learning and spiritual growth and to our congregation for all their love, care and support. We hope to see all our students at Vacation Bible School starting June 10th at St. John’s Lutheran Church!

-Stephanie Claussen & Kate Johnson, Sunday School Teachers

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