Prayer List

In Our Thoughts & Prayers
  •    Alberta Austin & her son Marty
  •    Dave Dickey
  •    Pastor’s friend Omar Logan, cousin Terri Ambrozich & friend Randy Ulery who are battling cancer
  •   Deanna Feitshans
  •    Roy Bailey’s dad, Harold, & his cousin, Leon Rhodes who has stage 4 cancer & his Uncle Gene
  •    Cheri Espe
  •    James Hampton’s mother who had a fall
  •    Shirlee Correll’s in-laws, Gene & Donna Correll
  •    Our former Pastor Paul & Lynn
  •    Dave VanDan & Margo
  •    Anita Landry
  •    Ken Kraft
  •    LaVerne Schmarje     
  •    Terry Cheek
  •    Luella Tibbitts
  •    Nora Winn
  •    Dave Moore
  •    Betty Garrett, her daughter Holly & Doug        
  •    Dorothy Peterson’s daughters Lisa & April & Amber
  •    Sue Stear
  •    Tom Crandall
  •     Bob, who has rapid onset Alzheimer’s.
  •    Our prayers are with AJ Freund, the 5 yr. old boy from Crystal Lake, who was missing & found dead.  May that never happen to another child.
  •    We are saddened about the fire in the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris & pray for it to be restored. 
  •     LGBTQ members, friends, families and all those who are disappointed after the Special UMC Conference vote.
  •     We pray for family & friends of the victims of the shooting in the Mosque in New Zealand.  We pray for the farmers in Nebraska & other Midwest states who were flooded & snowed under.
  •   We pray for the members & friends of the church in the south which were burned out & for victims of shooting in synagogue in CA.

We pray for our church, our village, our leaders, local, state & national.  We pray for our church leaders in Hebron, our Elgin District Supt., our Bishop & in the entire UMC.  We pray for our police, fire & rescue men & women, please keep them safe while they are protecting us!  We pray for our diplomats, representatives, service men & women all over the world, please keep them safe.    We pray for the victims of the shooting violence everywhere and for the victims of weather related disasters, storms & flooding.   Please keep our schools safe & our children safe!  During a mental health crisis, anyone can call the 24-hour National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.


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