Ordination and Marriage for LGBTQ

This past month, the Judicial Council met in Evanston, IL to rule on the constitutionality of the Traditional Plan and disaffiliation legislation from the Special General Conference in February. The Judicial Council ruled on the 17 petitions of the Tradition Plan individually. While some of the petitions were ruled unconstitutional, the Judicial Council upheld the petitions that continue to prohibit LGBTQ people in ordained ministry and upheld mandatory penalties for pastors performing same-gender weddings. Click here to read Bishop Sally Dyck’s message following the Judicial Council Decisions.  For the full Judicial Council Decision, click here.   For the rulings the Judicial Council made on the “gracious exit plan” for churches wishing to disaffiliate, click here.

HUMC is continuing to shape its response to the outcome of the Special Session of the 2019 General Conference. A letter was drafted from the HUMC to our District Superintendent in response to the Traditional Plan and how it conflicts with our vision and mission statements. It was approved by the HUMC Church Council and presented at a church Gathering last month. This response letter will be further discussed and voted upon at a Church Conference on Sunday, May 5th after worship. We urge everyone to read the letter, which can be found here or at the church, and to participate in this important discussion and vote on May 5th.


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