I want to thank Debbie for coming up with the idea of making a cross out of crosses.  During Lent everyone was encouraged to take a cross and decorate it as they saw fit.  Debbie took those crosses and formed a larger cross that is on display in our temporary sanctuary.  If you haven’t already, please come and see what has been created!
Below is listed our upcoming events and celebrations:

May 12:     Mother’s Day – we will be honoring all women with a special gift.

May 24 & 25: We will have our annual Memorial Weekend Bake Sale.  Friday we will be open from 4 -6; Saturday from 9 – noon (or sold out).  This is a great opportunity to not only to sell our goodies but also to tell all who stop what we have to offer as a church.  The money we make from this will help support the General Fund and also to support some of our outreach projects.  Please let either Karen or myself know if you would be willing to bake something and/or work at the sale.  All efforts will be appreciated!

May 26:    In honor of  Memorial Day we would like to not only remember our loved ones who gave their lives for our country but also to remember all of our loved ones who are no longer with us.  If you’d like to bring a picture of your loved one(s) please feel free to do so.  We will have tables to display the pictures and, during the reception after the service, please feel free to share your stories and memories.

 June 9:    Pentecost – Wear red that day! A luncheon is planned after church and if you would like please bring a dish to pass that represents your heritage.  There will be the dreaded clip-board passed around so be prepared!!

June 16:    Father’s Day – we will be honoring all men with a special gift.
Hebron United Methodist Church and St. John’s Lutheran Church will again be holding a coat and winter wear giveaway.  It will be held at the Grade School during the Parent/Teacher Conferences this fall so start looking through your closets now.  All items donated should be clean and either new or gently used.The last couple of years have been difficult for us as a church and our true purpose somehow had gotten pushed to the side.  I feel as though we are starting to find our way back again as to who we really are and what our purpose is.  I was given a book, “God Said It, Don’t Sweat It” by Neil Clark Warren, and in there he states what John Wesley had written: “Do all the good you can; By all the means you can; In all the ways you can; In all the places you can; At all the times you can; To all the people you can; As long as ever you can.”  Warren goes on to state, “When you keep your mind focused on serving others, you create the freedom to function at your best.  Remember this secret when times are hardest.  It all revolves around doing good, and when we do good, our lives begin to soar.”

Make the most of every opportunity you have for doing good. Ephesians 5:16

Shirlee Correll,

Nurture Co-Chair

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