I want to thank everyone who participated in all of the activities we’ve done over the last months:
Sharing pictures of our Mother’s and Father’s; baking for our Memorial Weekend Bake Sale, of which we made over $525; celebrating Pentecost by sharing desserts from our particular ethnicities, and Debbie making the beautiful “tongues of flames” displayed above the altar; and, our celebration of John Wesley’s 316th birthday. Thank you to Kathy for the wonderful bulletin, to Stephanie for all of the Wesley quotes displayed around our sanctuary, and to everyone who made the delicious food we shared.
We have started an “impromptu” choir that will practice after church on the Sundays that James doesn’t have to work. The songs we will be practicing are easy AND easy to harmonize to. Everyone is welcome to participate and make a joyful noise unto the Lord!
There is a renewed spirit and strength that is returning to our church community. A passage in one of my favorite books, “Simple Truths” by Kent Nerburn reads, “Take care to find your own true strength. Nurture it. Develop it. Share it with those around you. Let it become a light for those who are living in darkness. Strength based in love is a strength people crave.”
Shirlee Correll
Chair – Nurture

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