Capital Campaign

Capital Campaign:  Claiming Our Future, Living Our Faith

Hebron United Methodist Church has a long history — part of the current structure dates back to 1861.

The “newer” piece of the building, built in 1925, is uninhabitable due to structural deficiencies, keeping parishioners out of the sanctuary and putting the future of the church at risk.

After consulting several structural engineers we selected the most cost effective project to keep the roof from collapsing.

Rendering of Hebron UMC sanctuary after completion of roof repairs.
Capital Building Fund contributions from all sources as of July 31, 2018

Contractors will add six major pillars inside the sanctuary to prop up the rafters and additional beams will be added to the existing ceiling joists at a cost of $220,000.

We invite you to look around our website; you will discover we are a small and intimate church, with a huge welcoming heart and well recognized as a church dedicated to service and mission beyond our church doors.

Listen to Shirlee Correll discuss the importance of Hebron at the February Capital Fund Kickoff Dinner.

As you might well imagine, for a smaller church $220,000 seems like a big mountain.  But we truly believe that with God all things are possible.  

The local newspaper announced the kickoff for our Capital Campaign at the end of January.

How can I help?

Hebron is at a critical crossroads.   Is God calling you to help?  If you would like to talk more about our church, feel free to contact us.  The easiest way is to drop Pastor Jim an e-mail at or calling his cell at (847) 707-3602. We look forward to hearing from you!

The HUMC would like to thank the following members and friends for their contributions to our Capital Funds Drive. These gifts are deeply appreciated.

(List updated 9/28/2018)

Barb & Dan Slavin – in Memory of Red & Jeanette Latham, Barbara & Richard Hinzpeter, Larry & Bonnie Johnson, Lorraine Gerhardt, Eugene Correll, Ella Bostic, Wendy Schaid, Bob & Stephanie Claussen, Bill & Natalie Elverman, Jeff & Debbie Arnold, James & Charlene Wilson, Nora Winn, Zeke & Jennifer Nickels, Kathy Dickerson, Steve & Chela Johnson, Grant & Kate Johnson, Erin Engelhardt, Bob & Mary Williamson, Walter & Florence Eichman, Dan Staten/Hebron Animal Clinic, Darneather Murph-Heath, William & Mildred Luallen – in Memory of Bruce Gethen, Philip Troyer, Shirlee Correll, Linda Zeien, Luke Moore, Bruce & Donna Adams, Charles Beard, Ginger Katzman – in Memory of Ervin & Margaret Norgard, Holly Schneiderman, Mabel Rice, Marge Lopeman, Margie & Dave Moore, Deidre Moore, Dave Dickey, Roy Bailey, in Memory of Priscilla Kienzell, Kris Bottlemy & Sharon Smith, Ray & Myrna Hoeft, Bonnie Seeberg, Ken & Kathleen Spooner, Eric & Michelle Linner, Renzo & Irma Calegari, Chemung UMC, Alice Johnson, David Menge, Scott & Lori McClellan, Dawn Nelson, Linda Lopeman, Alberta Austin, Bill & Diane Crockett, Catherine Knull, Jay & Gail Schwarz – in Memory of Martha Tibbetts and in Honor of Marge Lopeman, Randy & Lianne Calegari, Curt Norgard – in Memory of Ervin & Margaret Norgard, Harold & Juanita Bailey, Jodi Reins, Katie & Dennis Elverman, Gabriel & Kate Johnson, Brooke Maule, in Honor of Helen Smith, Lily Johnson, Rita Richardson, Nick & Shannon Moore, Matt & Michelle Westoby